Here is a quick list of things I am currently involved with in some capacity (no particular order).

Pulling Hub - Pulling it together!

This is a web app we are building to host live results and crowd-sourced videos about tractor pulling. Eventually we want to enable content creators to get paid for videos.

Hashd.in - Digital Identity

The goal is to build a series of linked personal blockchains that can create a network of trust amongst individuals.

BitHeat - Electronic Waste Heat Capture

This project is exploring the potential to use the waste heat from computations for something useful. We are focusing around Bitcoin mining and residential heating.

Midwest Super Cub - High Performance Garden Tractor Parts

This is one of the family businesses that I help out with. We sell parts to customers all over the United States.

Midwest Machine - Manufacturing Job Shop

This is another family business that manufactures most of the parts we sell at Midwest Super Cub. We have a very large variety of machines, from 1950's Gear shapers to a waterjet that can cut through 6" thick steel.

The Everything Corp. - Idea Incubator

This is where my brother and I stage most of our ideas and experiments. We have developed a few small products over the years including a solid state 128 LED Tachometer and DVD Production of Tractor Pulling Events.

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