Here is a quick list of things I am currently involved with in some capacity (no particular order).

Pulling Hub - Pulling it together!

This is a web app we are building to host live results and crowd-sourced videos about tractor pulling. Eventually we want to enable content creators to get paid for videos.

Make a Space - Let's Work Together

We are building a platform to easily create and run collaborative organizations. Organizations can include, makerspaces, small businesses, community projects, etc.

Hashd.in - Digital Identity

The goal is to build a series of linked personal blockchains that can create a network of trust amongst individuals.

BitHeat - Electronic Waste Heat Capture

This project is exploring the potential to use the waste heat from computations for something useful. We are focusing around Bitcoin mining and residential heating.

Quoto - Making Manufacturing Easier

We are building a service that will instantly provide you a price to manufacture your design, and then handle the manufacturing of it.

Midwest Super Cub - High Performance Garden Tractor Parts

This is one of the family businesses that I help out with. We sell parts to customers all over the United States.

Midwest Machine - Manufacturing Job Shop

This is another family business that manufactures most of the parts we sell at Midwest Super Cub. We have a very large variety of machines, from 1950's Gear shapers to a waterjet that can cut through 6" thick steel.

The Everything Corp. - Idea Incubator

This is where my brother and I stage most of our ideas and experiments. We have developed a few small products over the years including a solid state 128 LED Tachometer and DVD Production of Tractor Pulling Events.

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